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Block Paving Construction

We are highly experienced Block Paving Constructors who can give you a driveway or patio to be proud of and which can enhance the look and value of your property.

Block Paving is now the most popular surface for new driveway surfaces of quality homes in the UK.

Whatever you spend, you can usually reckon that it will add at least double that value to your property's value!They enhance the appearance of your home to the extent that the whole property will look more expensive.

Constucting block paving is highly skilled. To give an idea of the steps we take, take a look at the following list:

  • Design and consultation with the homeowner
  • Dig out and remove debris and waste from site 
  • Apply weed control membrane if required
  • Lay Ministry of Transport sub-base (materials used for road foundations) to the required depth
  • Compact sub-base using industrial heavy-duty compactor plate
  • Renew manholes; install storm drains/soak-aways as required
  • Lay 50mm of sharp sand; compact and level
  • Lay chosen edging on top of a concrete base
  • Lay blocks in the pattern and colour of choice
  • Sweep kiln-dried sand into joints to stabilise blocks
  • Compact driveway using industrial heavy-duty compactor plate
  • Clean and clear site fully
  • Customer inspection

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